6 Fun Outdoor Games, Toys and Play Activities for Kids

Children these days if not facing the computers are busy with their smartphones. As a mother, I want my child to interact with other kids; if not with them with us. Here are some fun outdoor games that you might want your little angels to play. Go out and have fun; get your child moving! Let them feel the joy of being outside and not being stuck within the four corners of your house. Allow them to interact.


Every kid has a dream of flying. I bet you did too. A simple lift from the ground could already make a child laugh endlessly. I say, a swing can do the trick. It is fun, especially if you can make your mom, dad or brother to push you with all their might just for you to feel the cold breeze of the air as you go back and forth; the higher the swing the better. Your children would want it too. Not unless, if they happened to be scared of heights.Not only that, taking a swing while you’re feeling sad can actually make you feel better. It’s like your worries start to gradually disappear as you gently glide back and forth.There are different kinds of swings that your child can choose from. It could be a swing with a wooden or plastic seat and others. Whatever there is, your child would definitely pick one.

Play Tunnels

Children with great imaginations are likely to be the ones who are blessed with creativity. Have you seen other children playing with play tunnels? Well, I did. I have also tried it myself, which means that I was born creative. Playing this game enhances one’s imagination. People who haven’t tried this game say, “It’s merely crawling in the tunnel.” But children who have tried this game will say, “That was really fun. Let’s do it again.” That is because these kids try to make a story or create images in their mind while crawling into that tunnel. Not only it teaches creativity but it helps children to develop their motor planning skills as they try to find out on how to get off that tunnel. Just like other toys, it comes in different style. Your child can have a one-way or a four-way tunnel. Your kiddo has a number of designs that he can choose from. Have a favorite color? Go ahead, take a pick. There’s a number of design that you can choose from.

Sand Pits

Does your child like going to the beach to enjoy basking in the sun and building sand castles? Going to the beach every day or every weekend isimpossible. So why not bring the fun into your house with sand pits? You like the idea, don’t you? Playing sand allows children to have fun in creating different shapes or textures, develop concentration and interact with other children. Playing with sand is more enjoyable with the presence of other kids their age. Together they can build their dream castle.They can have store sandbox, a sand table, a backyard sandbox and a lot more. Just remind them to be careful not to let the sand into their eyes.



Playing outside is amusing. How much more if kids have a playground that they can play with? Playing with other children develops social skills. Believe me, your child will thank you for allowing them to play outside when they grow up. Moreover, this can practice their imagination and creativity as they try to figure out on how games should be played. With the running, jumping and whatever their play requires, they’ll surely improve their strength and endurance. Choosing a playground set depends on their interest. They can have a playground with swings and slides, a climber playground, whatever there is; as long as they get to enjoy doing the things they love and it’s within the budget of course.

Outdoor Playhouse

Some kids want a world of their own. Why not let them have their playhouse? Doing so will teach them independence as they try to create their own world by allowing their imagination work. You can invite your neighbor’s kids and let them play over. Not only is their imagination ignited but their social skills as well. Now as a responsible parent, you can watch them over while sitting by the window or you can also stay outside while basking under the sun.

Kids’ Swimming Pools

Are your kids complaining about the scorching heat? Going to beach resorts may come costly; and going there every now and then is not practical. It’s not a problem if you already have a swimming pool.Giving them ice cream or cold drinks isn’t enough to beat the heat. They’d prefer to have a splash of water. That’s what swimming pools for kids are made for. Some pools even have slides that they can share with others. They can have it fancy or simple. Now, you don’t have to travel and pay a fee just to see them enjoy the summer.

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