Brain Building Activities for Toddlers

Being a parent makes us do what best for our kids; I do. Most parents want to teach their kids as early as possible. But how are we going to do that without robbing their childhood? We should always keep in mind that our little ones need to have fun and play with toys. That is if we want them to build their imagination. If you’re aiming your kids to develop their thinking skills there are brain building activities that you can choose from. Here are some games suitable for toddlers. Of course you don’t want to give them really hard activities, do you?

Building Block Game

Kids like putting things together or building something from things that they get a hold on. If you want your child to develop problem-solving and hand-eye coordination then this activity would help them develop such skills. They could either put block of the same color together, build a house or something by trying to figure how to put the block in order to create a structure and so on. If your kids are new to this game, then you can always give them a little help. You can build a structure that is simple enough for them to follow.

Nesting Game

Similar to toy blocks are nesting toys. But instead of creating different figures it would be putting things that can fit inside each other. At an early age they’ll learn about shapes and sizes. If you’re on a tight budget and haven’t decided to buy nesting toys, bowls and cups would come in handy. You can show them on how it is done. Doing so would encourage them to give it a try. Your child will sure love putting them inside each other then remove them afterwards.

Jigsaw Puzzle

Children like seeing pictures; so giving them something that they can enjoy looking at and play with at the same time is like killing two birds with one stone. Not only that, they can also improve their physical, cognitive and emotional skills. How? It teaches them to hold the puzzle pieces and try to figure out how they would fit the pieces in order to complete the puzzle –that needs hand-eye coordination.

Story Reading

Do you like storytelling and making different sounds? Then this activity would help you to interact with your little ones while teaching them about communication. Reading aloud to your baby early on builds their listening, vocabulary and memory skills.

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  • Marissa

    I’ve been wondering about brain building activities for my little one, excellent ideas here, thanks!