Clever Kids Toy Storage Ideas: Pick What Suits Your Space (and Needs) Best!

For all the hardworking moms and dads out there, providing the best for their children is undeniably NOT an easy task, but DEFINITELY possible. This being said, I am pretty certain as a parent, you have given heaps of toys for your little ones, most probably dumped in a big basket or ordinary container as I am writing this.

I mean, after a hard day’s work, who has the energy to organize and tidy up all the mess the kids have made? With all the chores and errands that we have going on, I cannot blame you, I was exactly the same until I started seriously analyzing my kids storage space.

Finding the time to organize and revamp your nursery, kids playroom or kids bedroom all the while juggling everything else, it is definitely a tough task to boot. Aside from the aforementioned, settling for a kid’s toy organizer entails different considerations—space of the room, the aesthetic appeal, size, and quality of such toy storage furniture. But hey, fret no more!

Let me introduce you to some creative toy storage ideas that would definitely cater to your needs (and wants!).

Popular Storage Ideas for Toys

Storing kids toys and tidying them away has changed through the years. From traditional wooden toy boxes to toy hammocks for stuffed toys, keeping up with the latest trends in kids storage is an affordable way to keep your house tidy and accumulate all your children’s toys in one spot. Also, for all playroom storage and furniture ideas, read our latest article here: Kids Playroom Ideas

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Sesame Street Multi-Bin Toy Organizer


You can buy it by itself or match it with the entire Sesame Street range including matching book stand. Affordable way to furnish and organize!

Remember when you were a kid, and anything colorful would attract your eyes and catch your heart? This toy organizer falls in the same category! And want to know what the best part is? It is made of both wood and fabric! So there is no fuss in worrying your child might end up bumping into this piece and falling back to his butt.

That’s what we love about all these multi-bin toy organizers that follow. Their structure is made from strong, quality, long lasting wood that is sturdy but also includes fabric boxes. You can get them in a range of themes for both girls and boys including this Sesame Street, Disney (below), Nickelodeon and more!

Aside from multiple bins that feature your child’s favorite Disney or cartoon characters, it is also coordinated with other Sesame Street furniture and accessories, they are light, bright and super attractive to a child’s eye!

These multi bin toy organizers have five canvas storage bins, and the bottom bin is perfect for the bigger toys, while the smaller ones could hold small accessories and the like. Very convenient!

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Disney Minnie Multi-Bin Toy Organizer


This Minnie toy organizer will be loved and adored by your little princess.

This toy storage organizer is the same like the aforementioned, but this may be more appealing to your little princess!

After all, who can resist a big Minnie Mouse on the side of a colorful girl’s toy box?

I know I wouldn’t if I was a kid again, what little girl doesn’t love Minnie?

Standing 9.25 inches tall, this fabric toy box has a big bottom box that can store big toys, while the 5 smaller bins are perfect for holding small toy accessories, or even your kid’s shoes.

You can also buy the toy organizer that has the book shelf instead of the 3 boxes at the top, alternatively you can buy both!

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Nickelodeon Sponge Bob Multi-Bin Toy Organizer


For lovers of Sponge Bob, you can match this with Sponge Bob furniture, bedding, lighting and more!

This multi-bin toy organizer would be perfect for the kids who have always wanted to experience Sponge Bob or to tie in to a blue and yellow kids room or play room decor.

With its bold, cheerful colors, and ultra-cool Spongebob inspired design, this bin toy organizer makes a great addition to any kids room and makes a great gift to your little one or friends for that matter!

It is also easy to assemble, and would surely make your kid enthusiastic about cleaning their toys up.

Again, you can match this toy organizer with the entire ranger of Sponge Bob kids room furniture and decor including bedding, lighting and room decals, the options are endless, see below for more information

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3 Sprouts Storage Collection


These are not only handy for kids but for any household items. These 3 Sprout Collection fabric storage sets are great for kids of all ages. 100% cotton and lined on the inside.

Definitely one of my favorite ways to organize kids toys and accessories amongst this list, tthese collapsible storage containers feature different cute animal illustrations, like fox, hippo, zebra, elephant, dinosaur, camel, owl, and raccoon, amongst others.

The Sprouts Storage Collection is undeniably one of the most popular (and cute!) kid’s storage solutions for anything kid, no matter the age  or gender.

These canvas storage boxes are made of 100% cotton, and the decorative animals are made of 100% polyester. These are 17″ height and 17″ diameter and they collapse for easy storage when not in us (they collage completely flat!).

How fitting, right? Not only that, they could also be used as laundry hamper, for the insides of each fabric storage bins are coated, so there is no fuss in cleaning each of them.

And yes, you can choose three of the available designs and purchase them as a set.

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Three Bin Storage Cubby


These are great not only for the playroom but for older kids aswell. You can buy these separately and in different colors.

Available in a wide range colors (view all colors below) including white, espresso, red, blue, pink, purple, green and silver, these cubbies work as great storage shelves.

They are made purely of wood, affirming their durability and longevity.

Purchasing multiple bins could expand your storage capacity, and they can be stacked with other bins, making a portable shelf for your kid’s toys and other accessories.

This design is sleek and on point, which will go well with a room boasting of its chic features. Perfect for those who would opt for simplicity and sturdiness.

This would work great for kids when learning to sort, organize, and clean-up. This kid’s storage unit has wide opening that makes it easy to segregate, and the furniture’s finish makes it easy to clean—just wipe it with a damp cloth!

Available in White, Red, Blue, Pink, Purple, Green, Silver and Espresso

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Little Tikes Toy Chest


Great as a gift of as a toy box that is made out of plastic for ultimate safety for your child.

If I were a kid, I would go crazy for this one! Kids love it when they have smaller versions of any adult equipment (and/or furniture piece) they could always play with as if they were an adult, and this plastic toy storage fits perfectly on the given description in that it resembles an outdoor storage box my husband has and my son always finds his way into.

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This cute and colorful kids plastic toy chest has an extra-large storage space and two removable pull out bins (underneath – can you see them? – they are great!) making it ideal for both big and small toys.

The toy box comes with a detachable lid for kids’ safety and makes it easier to take out toys from the box.

The colors are attractive and blend well in any kids’ room and is suitable for both girls and boys. And know what the best part is? It is sturdy, for it is made of plastic material that makes an ideal fit for a kids toy chest.

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Tot Tutors Books Rack


Love reading to your child but can’t find a nice way to stack all the books. These book racks are an excellent idea, keep your kids favorite in arms reach and neatly organized.

Okay, I know I ought to be talking about “Clever Children’s Toy Storage Ideas” here, but don’t you think placing a book rack atop your toy shelf is a CLEVER idea?

Consider this item as a treat from me.

Investing in such an easy piece to organize kids books for your kids room, you may just encourage your little one to take a book accordingly. This is a good way to make sure that aside from the usual play time, he or she also gets to spend some time reading books when they are in such as access.

These wooden kids book racks have colorful book pockets that hold book covers forward!

This is for easy recognition by young children, encouraging them to “read” and return their books accordingly, for a neat and organized room.

You can get them in plain colors, pastel colors or bright colors to match your child’s room or playroom. And another bonus, made from wood, they are undoubtedly sturdy.

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Kids Collapsible Large Toy Chest


Collapsible toy chests are not just handy for kids toys but are also great for many purposes around the home (i.e laundry or other storage such as bedding). They are also very handy for traveling!

Collapsible hampers and toy chest a great for many many purposes, whether you buy one initially for the kids toys when they are young, you can use it as a dirty laundry hamper when they get older.

I guilty of buying a few of these over the last few years, I just think they are great. I have a few of these around my house and I find them perfect for many purposes, they are also very handy for traveling. The best feature, they fold flat when not in use, hence why I recommend buying them and storing a few in the boot of your car, flat when not in use and easy to assemble when in need.

So not just for kids toys, these are absolutely perfect if you love de-clutttering like I do and yes this great for saving space if you lack it in your cupboards.

On the topic of easy ways to store kids toys, these kids storage boxes with lids, perfect for hiding the contents for a cleaner look in the room as they are made of polyester durable fabric that wipes clean with soap and water. Easy, right? And the best part? It has a large storage capacity, with 3.3 cubic feet (which if you ask me, the more you can hide away, the better).

There is many varieties available and may worth buying a few at the same time to save, you’ll definitely find many uses for them.

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Step2 Lift and Roll Toy Box


This lift and roll toy box is great for kids that want to move their toy friends around the house with them. Easily to lift for children of all ages.

Remember what I told you about kids loving every smaller version of any adult equipment (and/or furniture piece) they could always play with as if they were an adult?

This is the kiddie version of a wheelbarrow!

I kid you not. It has an easy lift handle with the flexibility to transport anywhere, which means you could hide it anywhere in the house. Play time over? Toys out back.

This modern toy storage is designed with two legs providing stability, and has easy-grasp handles. This toy box provides over 3 cubic feet of storage for toys, books, games or clothes. Its durable molded wheels won’t scratch floors (thank heavens), and its design and colors match today’s interior home décor. This way to store your kids toys also makes it easy for toddlers to access toys by themselves.

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Animal Hamper


One of my personal favorite items, I seem to be buying these quite regularly (for gifts of friends) and everyone absolutely loves the animal hamper.

This piece by Home Decorators Collection is one of a kind (obviously). This wicker basket is expertly handcrafted into the shape of a friendly elephant with a curling trunk.

Lift the elephant’s hat to discover plenty of space for your kid’s toys, or maybe dirty laundry! It is hand woven, made of water hyacinth on a metal frame. It also includes a removable lid!

This cute toy storage basket would go well with a jungle themed nursery room or even a plain, nursery or kids room to add that special little touch.

(Tip – last year, I also purchased a few of these and gave them as Christmas and birthday presents to kids in the family and friends kids, both kids and parent loved them, a definite winner!)

Check colors available (while stocks last)

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Chain Toy Organizer

Original-Chain-Gang-Toy-OrganizerA hanging toy storage item (like this one from Toytech) will go well in a room with a limited space available for toys.

As affirmed, this item hangs on a wall or ceiling and suspends toys from clips! Being 6 feet long, this is a great way to diversify toy organization and make cleaning up fun for kids.

Be careful though, your little one might end up pulling the chain or use it as a swing, so be prudent in choosing the spot to hang it from!

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Toy Hammock Net

Jumbo-Toy-HammockThis hanging storage net works as a hammock for your kid’s toys, first and foremost, excellent for your kids stuffed animals.

Made with mesh, it eliminates room and bathtub clutter while neatly organizing toys.

It is easy to attach to any wall, hardware included!

Aside from that, it can expand to 5.5 feet, and can accommodate large items. Hoorah!

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Still don’t know what to choose? Want one or all or none at all? View the entire range of storage ideas for kids toys below to find one just right for your little messy one!

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