How to Cope with Toddler Mood Tantrums

All the certainty of your life falls apart when you are a mother of a toddler. You can never be sure why the baby is crying. The one thing that my three babies taught me is, you cannot predict a toddler. One minute my baby girl is playing with her toys and the very next she is screaming because she can’t reach the toy, which is sitting just beside her. The other one did not like the idea of me wearing an apron in the kitchen, so he used to start crying as soon as I put it on. Don’t even ask me about my other girl, she never wanted to go out and she made the sky fall apart with her screams, though we had told her numerous times that we weren’t going anywhere. So, the question arises, how to cope with their mood swings as they are so sudden that you do not even get time to prepare yourself for the storm that is coming. The little things you can do to change the course of that storm are;

Capture Their Attention

Usually they don’t listen when they are crying, but you can suddenly introduce a fun filled activity. For example, start doing something with the blocks, the baby will notice you and usually they like it when Moms participate in their game. I used to dance to fast beats (I know what you are thinking), the music will calm the baby and he will try to take dance steps along with you.

Water Always Soothes

Give them water to drink or alternatively, give him a bath

The little babies love to play with water, throw some rubber toys in the water and let him play with them, he will splash the water and giggle. Do not leave him unsupervised though.

Do Not Agrue

Do it with your husband, toddlers do not like arguments

They simply don’t understand why are you trying to teach them anything? For them, the reason for crying or screaming is pretty justified. Do not try to indulge yourself in an argument with a toddler, they don’t care about it. Try to soothe them not agitate them.

Let Them Do What They Want

I know, hard to comprehend but just supervise instead

Toddlers love to try the things you use. The unreasoned screaming can be stopped suddenly if only you put your shoes or hats in front of them. I bet a baby girl will be more interested in wearing your lipstick than crying. Give them the things that are safe, to play with. They will stop crying and start examining them.

Show Flexibility

You will get plenty of time to teach them discipline, it’s not now

Yeah, I know teaching discipline is a vital part of motherhood.  But it is not entirely necessary to teach it while they are not in a good mood. Try to understand their moods, if they are upset you need to be patient. Wait for the mood swing to go away, the little angels will be calm soon and then you can tell them what they did wrong. Trust me, their mood swings are as real as yours. You, of all persons, should understand that.

Don’t be afraid Moms & Dads, it is just the beginning. The motherhood can’t be taught in any institution, you will learn it when you go through it. So get ready for the journey ahead.

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