How to Keep Your House Clean With a Toddler

Keeping your house clean with a toddler can be really challenging and you need to adapt to the new ideas of managing the baby and the house together. The new baby brings a hell load of responsibilities with him and you find yourself in trouble of how to manage everything. Stay calm, take a deep breath, you can do this. You just need to take care of a few things and all will be well. Here are few of the sudden changes you need to make in your house after having a baby;

Put Away all the Crystal Pieces from the Lower Shelves

The days of decorating your home are over!

Have you ever found your favorite crystal piece in the dustbin??? Well, don’t wait up for that to happen. Put away all the things you love because, for some time now you need to love (and pay attention) to your baby only. My never-resting toddler was especially interested in those things which he thought I liked most (ahhhh). He somehow always gets the idea that which is the thing his Mommy pay more attention (and then he ought to destroy it). The best thing you can do is to keep the things that can be broken, out of his reach as it will not only save the things but, also eliminate any potential hazard to your turtle’s safety.

To keep a house clean you actually have to clean it

You simply cannot pretend that your house is clean without cleaning it. The baby will find every grain of dust hidden in the corners and at the very least will try to taste it. So pull your socks, because you need to clean every inch of the house, especially the area where your baby likes to play. Those tiny things are mostly interested in exploring the dustbins, so put them where they can’t reach the dustbins.

Throw away the clutter

I.e The clutter you have probably stored for years!

It is about the right time to dispose of the things that you have been keeping for years, without no specific use. Throw away the clutter before your one year old finds it and scatter it all around the house. You definitely do not want to find the baseball caps and the dolls you have played with, in your childhood in your living room.

Their involvement matters a lot

Involve your tiny tod in your cleaning activities. This way he will learn that the things we scatter, we need to pick them up as well. Let him follow you either you are picking up the toys or cleaning the mess he made while eating. Kids are quick learners and he will get the idea of cleaning pretty soon if you let him watch you while doing the house chores.

Wake Up Before They Wake Up

It might vary from Mom to Mom, but I found the best time to do the laundry or other household things, was when, he was asleep. These little attention seekers make it difficult for Moms to pay attention to any other thing. So, just make a little change and wake up before the little one. That way you would be able to bring things in order before he wakes up. Yeah, I know you wake up like 10 times at night to check him, and it is difficult to wake up early, but it would make things easier for you. You can always have a nap in the afternoon.

Moms, these few changes will save you a lot of trouble that is coming your way, so buckle up, this is all part of getting used to being a new Mom. See you.

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