Kid’s Playroom Ideas

Play is a very important part of every child growing up. Psychologists all over the world do ongoing studies on how ‘play time’ affects the development of young children into grown adults. With much research, they have published and concluded that play is ultimately, how an individual’s personality gets shaped.

So next time your child wingers about the next toy they ‘want’, think twice, as you could be shaping their personality. For your child to really enjoy play time to the fullest, it’s an undeniably great idea to fix the environment to its fullest potential where your child can learn and most especially enjoy being a child – what a better way than setting up a playroom?

Kids-PlayroomWhat I had in mind when I made my kids playrooms is that it should be well-lit, easy to maintain, should look clean, be space efficient and most of all, it should stimulate their learning, development and the quality of their play time (these points are important for all playrooms). Talking about playroom design, I mainly chose out materials that I think looked great to the design that I had thought of also.

Here is a few kids playroom ideas or ‘playroom decor’ that you should buy to not only enhance your child’s play time but to also expand their imagination, to assist in their development skills and develop their personality traits.

Playroom Ideas for Toddlers

Whether you have a formal playroom which is a room set aside in the house especially dedicated to kitting out everything for your children, you need basement playroom ideas or even if you only need small playroom ideas or just a few essential play toys, this list should help you out indeed. Infact, all of these childrens playroom ideas are applicable as a baby playroom to toddler playroom aswell as both a boys playroom and girls playroom.

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1. Kids Table and Chair Sets

A table and chair set for your child an essential piece of kids playroom furniture that is needed and well used by all kids (and parents included!).

When it comes to kids play furniture, my personal taste is wood. That’s just me, but I do understand that wood is not for everyone. Some parent’s prefer to opt for plastic kids furniture when it comes to decking out their toddler playroom and this is also a very popular choice.

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What’s best that you can have your pick when it comes to kids table and chair sets. You can get very high quality (and safe) plastic kids table and chair sets as well as wooden kids table and chair sets (view all here)

My case with wood is that I feel safe sitting on them too and it’s something as a parent, you will be joining in with your child’s play time on their table and chair set. Wood is especially strong, it doesn’t break too easily, does not become too wobbly and is durable, doesn’t crack in comparison to plastic chairs. I selected the this Kidkraft set because I liked the colors and the design. It is also solely made from wood which I think is a perfect fit for my kids’ playroom.

There is a great variety of both wooden and plastic kids tables and chairs available below.

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2.Train Sets / Dollhouses / Kitchen Playsets

Toys-for-PlayroomSince my children are all boys – there’s two of them – most of their toys are masculine, from robots to cars, train sets to air-crafts. But girls don’t have to miss out either, there is plenty of girl playroom ideas. There is so many things you can buy them to fill up playroom for kids for endless hours of fun. We have spoken about many of them on the site already.

My infant son usually plays with his infant toys like rattles, plush toys, large legos and other stimulating toys that help him identify colors and develop his senses and this is very much the same for these cool playroom ideas.

LEGO-City-TrainsWe have included the top products in our articles as rated by parents below, click on the links for more information or you can see the full range to buy online using the buttons below (usually with free shipping).

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3. Chalkboard Easels

Everyone is an artist, though some of the art forms we make aren’t really mainstream but hey, art is still art and, like intelligence, it has no universal definition.

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Kids love chalkboards and activity easels, I know because my two sons love them and whenever we have kids over to play, they are all over the, hence why we have placed them 3rd on the list of toddler playroom ideas.

So why not help develop the artist within your kid by buying them art materials and a kids art easel?

They aren’t too expensive and you are free to mix and choose your own colors! And, although they can be messy (depending on what type you buy) , they are, however, easy to clean. Melissa & Doug Deluxe Standing Easel is the best choice for me because it serves as an easel and a chalkboard and it doesn’t take too much space.

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4. Indoor Teepee Tents

**2015/2016 POPULAR KIDS PRODUCT**Back then, teepee tents were just a product in the movies. I actually saw this idea on Disney Pixar’s Up where the young Ellie and Carl were telling each other stories, plus on the movie The Holiday. I pondered that maybe tents increase children’s imaginations in some way.

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I found this to be true, kids absolutely love them (hence why I wrote the above article about them).

Kids Teepee tents are the ‘new trend’ this year for play room furniture and are on the top of the list for kids playroom ideas for 2015 and 2016.

For me personally, our story telling sessions with our kids are constantly enhancing thanks to our teepee tent. Also, it is a great idea to get real cozy inside them especially on rainy days. The tent that I have for my children is this Kidkraft one, just because the color, design and materials was just right for me and my children.

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5. Awesomely Designed Children’s Furniture

This is something I want bring up because I think this brand is supercalifragisliticexpialidocious! It’s called Fantasy Fields and boy, does it live up to its name. You can view the full range by referring to the image or links below.

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The furniture presented just screams creativeness all over. I love the concept and design. All kids furniture is very kid friendly and it’s not that very expensive too.

It’s a quality product and the furniture speaks for itself. You can buy bookshelves, chests, cubbies, toy chests, table and chair sets and more, the variety and choice is endless including a safari theme, jungle theme, princess theme, pirate theme and more. Pick your theme and you have a set of matching kids furniture that is just gorgeous!!! Both kids and parents adore this range.

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6. Kids Playmats and Kids Rugs

Thought about playroom flooring?

Kids love the floor, it provides room and possibilities for adventure (and spreading mess!) so why not provide flooring in the playroom that is soft, fun and interactive for the kids to play for hours.

With me and my kids, when we are doing activities, like playing or storytelling, we usually sit on the floor (or in our teepee tent) because by sitting on the floor, movement is less constricted that way.

When it came to playroom flooring, I selected playmats to decorate the floors because they are visually stimulating, soft, colorful and easy to clean unlike rugs that are much harder to maintain and can’t really absorb shock in case my children decide to get hyperactive or too playful. However my husband liked kids rugs so we bought both!

Kids-rugsKids rugs to have their place in kids playrooms aswell. They do serve a great learning and interactive environment especially if you purchase a transportation or city rug as shown on the right. There is so many different versions/designs/colors/sizes and styles available to suit every little growing toddler.

You can view more by referring to the links below.

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7. Playroom Storage

Kids-StorageHave you thought about playroom storage furniture? If you haven’t, think of it now! It’s a must and you need plenty of it!

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Playroom storage is a very important part of any playroom: where to put the kids things after they have finished playing with them. As a parent you will constantly be tidying up after them.

Kids storage such as containers, boxes, cabinets or drawers are essential because it provides proper organization, order and cleanliness.

3-Sprouts-StorageAs a parent, you also need to guide your child to build self-discipline, a lesson every child should learn everyday as they approach toddler-hood, teenage-hood and adult-hood. There is no better way to do this than provide them with kid-friendly storage that appeals to their playroom or bedroom in bright kid-like designs and colors.

Storage shouldn’t neither be too high nor too low, hence why you need to buy kids storage. Not too low for you to reach and not too high for your kid to reach either. Another popular option for kids are collapsible (fold able) storage baskets, chests and containers (I’m personally adore the 3 Sprouts brand as shown on the right).

My personal recommendation is that every parent needs a toy organiser as shown in the image, but you also need supplement storage solutions which you can read about in the related article above or refer below for more information and ideas.

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8. Bean Bags or Kids Sofa

Kids love bean bags so why not buy them one? Also, instead of just buying an ordinary couch or chair, why not try a kids sofa? Give them a sense of individuality.

Not only do kids love bean bags, but parents rave about them aswell, buying one gives you as a parent, the chance to relax and be super comfortable when watching over your children.

I bought an unconventional design, somewhat kid-friendly because it is my kids’ playroom after all, why not make it interesting, kiddy, colorful and fun.

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9. Rocking Horse and Plush Animals

Come on now, what playroom is complete without a plush animal inside?

Why not add that extra detail and buy a rocking horse or rocking plush animal? That’s right, you have a wide selection these days in where you can buy a rocking animal, so a dinosaur, dragon, elephant, bee and so on…the choices are endless.

Let’s talk about plush toys, your kids just need them for everything. When my children have a bit too much fun playing, they end up taking naps on the mats or inside their teepee tent and of course, the plush toys are there for comfort, warmth and snuggling.

Even my son loves the rocking horse which I purchased for him, I bought the best brand as you can see below. He rides on it a lot and pretends he’s Woody from the Toy Story series. Yes, in case you’re wondering, he often wears the costume and does puppy dog eyes whenever the sentence “Mommy needs to clean the Woody costume now, dear.”

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10. Bookcases

kids-book-caseIn addition to the above kids themed furniture, a bookcase is a highly beneficial piece of kids furniture and is a must in any playroom or bedroom.

You will be buying lots of books for your growing toddler and you need an appropriate book shelf to store them all – why not get a bookshelf that speaks character!

Instead of just buying an ordinary bookshelf, here is a range of beautiful bookcases that your kids will love. Bring your child’s bedroom or playroom to life!

There is plenty of designs available such as the picture shown here but you can also get a fireman theme, fairy theme, mickey/minnie mouse theme and more!

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11. Lighting

Kids-LightingLighting- do not forget it and why don’t you make it interesting for your children?

Lighting can often be overlooked when buying furniture and accessories for your child’s playroom or bedroom, however it is a very important element.

Not only is light especially important at night when reading stories or playing in the playroom, you can made lighting a feature element of the playroom or bedroom also.

In general, I use a small lampshade and some feature handing lights but there is endless options available to you to suit your taste, style and space requirements.

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12. Plush Pillows

Playroom-PillowsWe use plush pillows in our playroom and kids rooms inside the teepee tent or during story time where my son just loves laying or leaning on them.

I often buy plush pillows as presents and gifts for children my son’s age, they are excellent gift ideas, especially in Autumn in Winter.

The more the merrier when it comes to kids plush pillows, especially as you can buy them in endless styles, designs and colors. Refer below for more information.

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Kids-Art-Supplies13. Art Materials

Children love making things and decorating (and just generally making a mess).

As a parent, we need to foster their inner creativity. One of the best ways is to provide them with art materials in order to do so.

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I bought art materials when I purchased an easel and chalkboard set for my boys to share which consisted of watercolors, crayons, papers of different kinds, crafting materials, non-toxic glue, crafting scissors and stickers.

Also, you should keep handy a scrapbook, one for home and one for day trips.

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