Lifetime Ace Flyer Teeter-Totter

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Do you really want to buy something that will transform your child’s life? This product has got to be one that you should consider!

As technology evolves in this modern times, so should your kids playtime; it should feature all the trimmings of modernity – stunning designs, inclusivity and all round modern and safe fun. In the earlier days, see-sawing entailed waiting for your turn and young ones got into a heap of trouble just to figure out whose turn was next.Thanks to impressive technological inventions this is no longer an issue in my house where playtime got a lot cooler and interesting with the Lifetime Ace Flyer teeter-totter, a modernized version of the see-saw that doesn’t just suit 2 children, but up to 7 children at one time!

Designed like a high-flying airplane, the Ace Flyer adds unmistakable loads of funs to the warm summer afternoons for children in the backyard. It is an extremely durable product made of powder coated steel and polyethylene plastic, which not only makes it long-lasting but all round safe product for your little ones. Featuring three adjustable settings, the flyer is perfect for my four-year-old daughter as well as my seven-year-old boy – the settings alleviate any height phobia that may be present in the younger children. Available in primary colors and earth tones, the set meets all applicable safety standards and transforms the backyard into a colorful, fun zone.

The realistic plane model, anchored on a rugged based that provides a sturdy motion platform, the plane teeters with a smooth, effortless force that lets the children focus on having fun as opposed to powering it. Interestingly, it boasts an interactive dashboard, spinning wheels and a very realistic propeller for a real flying experience. Additionally, the seating arrangement allows for a two-seat cockpit and two teeter-totters for the fledgling pilots in your backyard.

Capable of handling up to 600 pounds, the flyer is suitable for children aged between 3 -12 years is designed to incorporate creativity and is guaranteed to grow with your kids. The settings allow me to adjust according to the age bracket of children riding on it, the lower setting for the younger children and high setting for the older ones.

The powder coated steel and polyethylene plastic construction ensures durability, guards against rust and ensures no splinters, cracks, or fading – long after your kids have outgrown it. This flyer will beautifully adorn your backyard for years while providing an entirely safe playtime for your children and their friends when you need them to have an outdoor recess. At my house, it usually a hassle trying to get them to stay inside when there is fair weather and even getting them to come back inside. Such is the fun embodied by the Lifetime Ace Flyer teeter-totter, boundless possibilities of pure unadulterated fun for my young ones.

To its credit, despite measuring 96 inches long x 96 inches wide x 29 inches high, the flyer Ace is relatively easy to install; requiring no mechanical skills whatsoever to let your children imagination soar to some fairly unscaled heights.The versatile flyer not only features a see-saw motion but also includes a side to sidesee-sawaction as well. Teeter-tooters have never been this fun and exciting, get one today and watch them transform playtime for your children and their friends.

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