Parent’s Top Rated: Best Bunk Beds For Kids

Having not enough space in my kids bedroom has been giving me a lot of worries lately and the more I’ve talked to many other parents out there, it seems we all suffer from lack of space in our households. Hence, why we looked into a bunk bed for our kids.

We only have 2 rooms in the house. My two sons aged 2 and 3 are starting to grow and they need a bed of their own, gone are the days of baby cribs. Since this issue had been bugging me for so long, I spoke to my husband we discussed that buying bunk bed for our children was the most affordable, practical and space saving solution.

After some time, we decided to buy a bunk bed instead of 2 standard beds. Their room isn’t that spacious so we thought that we will be buying the best bunk bed out there. If you’re having the same problems as us, then you will need to look into buying a kids bunk bed also. Here are the best kids bunk beds available.

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1. Stork Craft Long Horn Bunk Bed

Stork Craft Long Horn Bunk BedNot everyone can afford to have big houses with massive rooms to fit our children’s bed and all other furniture. If it happens that your child’s room is not spacious enough to cover two standard separate beds, then you might as well purchase a bunk bed, the most popular bunk bed for kids is the Stork Craft Long Horn as featured on the right (available for purchase here)

This bunk bed is available in many different colors, click here to view all colors available.

With it’s minimalist design, buying a Stork Craft bunk bed will make your child’s room look more roomy. Moreover, as a mother or father, you will no longer have to worry about where to put your kids’ stuff including in a cabinet, study table and whatever there is that would fit their room. Both Stork Craft Long Horn (available here) and Stork Craft Caribou (below) offer parents a bunk bed which smaller in stature and height; perfect for their cozy room.

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2. Stork Craft Caribou Bunk Bed

Stork Craft Caribou Bunk BedWe can’t deny that kids love playing on their beds even if we tell them not to,  so wouldn’t we want to know that a bunk bed that we buy is sturdy enough to hold them and when they get up to mischief?

Our second best bunk bed to buy for kids is another Stork Craft, this time the ‘Caribou’ bunk bed (available here; get latest price here)

This bunk bed is available in many different colors, click here to view all colors available.

These bunk beds by Stork Craft are as sturdy as steel; surely strong enough to manage your kids’ weight and playfulness at the same time.

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3. Dorel Twin Over Full

Dorel Twin Over FullLooking for a bunk bed that would suite your taste/home decor can be somewhat challenging, especially, if you are looking into specific designs, height and even the materials used. If you are a person who prefers metal over wood, then you may be interested in these metal bunk beds by Dorel (view here)

Introducing this Twin Over Full bunk bed, featured here (get latest price here), it is currently the #1 most sought after metal bunk bed for kids and highest rated at 4.3 stars out of 5.

It’s known as the “Twin Over Full” (click here for more details) – meaning that you have a big sized twin mattress on top and a full sized mattress on the bottom – very nice indeed to have a two bigger sized mattress’s, not to mention the bottom allows for full size mattress.

In saying this, Dorel do manufacture quite a few different designs/styles in bunk beds; if you wish to view all bunk beds they manufacture, click here for the full Dorel Bunk Bed product range.

This would perfectly suit any room color or decor. Not to mention it’s sturdy and stable as well.

Some children want their bed bigger than their siblings. If they’re going crazy over having a wider territory, then the Dorel range of bunk beds (view all here) would satisfy them. With its full size bottom bunk bed, they’d definitely want to stay at the bottom. There’s even room for another sibling. Mom and dad could stay for a little longer to tell stories without worrying where to sit. Either mom or dad can also join their kids who are having nightmares and put their kiddos to sleep. Not a bad choice for such a reasonable price (get latest price here), don’t you think?

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4. Dorel Twin over Twin

Dorel Twin Over Twin Bunk BedIf you still want a metal bunk bed but think that giving one child the edge of having the wider bed is a form of favoritism, then you could still purchase a metal bunk bed that has the same width on its top and bottom bed.

Now, you don’t have to worry who will take (or fight) for the top or bottom bed. With Dorel’s Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed (available here), your problem is solved.

The Twin Over Twin bunk bed featured here (get latest price here), is currently the 2nd most sought after metal bunk bed for kids and highest rated at 4.2 stars out of 5.

It’s known as the “Twin Over Twin” (click here for more details) – meaning that you have 2 of the same sized bed’s on each level; so two Twin sized mattress’s fit.

Assembling this bunk bed will not eat too much of your time. Yes, it’s easy to assemble but it’s as strong as a horse.

More Info: Dorel Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed
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5. Walker Edison Bunk Bed

Walker Edison Bunk BedSome parents are worried about aesthetic things when it comes to their kids, i.e colors and materials used, other parents are worried about longevity and whether the furniture they buy will last through the years.

If you’re not just looking for a kiddie bed but rather a bunk bed that will grow with your child, then the Walker range of bunk beds may appeal to you (for the full range of Walker bunk beds, click here)

This Walker Edison Bunk Bed is the most popular purchased from the Bunk Bed Convertible to Twin BedsWalker brand, it’s the twin over twin version (view latest price here).

So if you are parent that worry’s whether the furniture will be good value for money, you don’t need to question yourself any more.

This bunk bed also has spacious headroom and can take 250 pounds per bunk. When they’re all grownups and decided to have a separate room, not to worry. This can be converted into two twin beds. A little more personal space indeed.

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6. WE Furniture Bunk Beds

WE Furniture Bunk BedHaving a personality of wanting a clean and immaculate appearance, you might want a bunk bed that matches your personality. WE Furniture bunk beds offer simple yet stylish bunk bed (get latest price)

I just find the bunk beds by WE Furniture soothing to the eyes, their finish is immaculate and smooth.

The only color available with this bunk bed is white but considering this, it is an extremely popular bunk bed to buy, it’s rated 4.3 stars out of 5 with over 150 5-star reviews (view more info here)

It conforms to the latest product safety standards and can hold up to 250 pounds on each bed.

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