Parent’s Top Rated: Best Dollhouses and Dollhouse Furniture

Do you have a love hate relationship with your daughters dolls? I do. I have to admit it. As much as my husband and I love buying our daughter dolls, we also have one major issue – dolls lie everywhere around the house, and I mean everywhere. I find them in the bathroom, in the living room, in the kitchen and even in the dog house.

Especially when my daughter’s dolls started to multiply, our house became so messy because she considered every area of our house as her play area for her dolls. I started withering away noticing and stressing about the mess (all the time) and I noticed that although she was happily playing she just was not being ‘occupied’. She would play in the most unusual places and then leave all the dolls, dolls clothes, dolls shoes and accessories everywhere! The only option left was, to buy a doll house!

So for the most quality time playing time for your daughter and her dolls, the doll house not only allows her to enjoy her pretend play with her dolls at its fullest, I am no longer finding doll clothes in the most unusual of places around the house anymore.

Most Popular & Top Rated Doll Houses

For me, I wanted to get the most value for money, something that she could be entertained for hours, a dollhouse that was sturdy, quality and looked nice (we initially placed ours in the living room, so I wanted something that looked nice when we had guests over). Here are the top picks from us and hundreds of families scattered worldwide.

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1. Barbie Dream House & Barbie 3 Storey Town House

No.1 Best Selling Doll House

One brand. One word, Barbie. Barbie has two doll houses that hold the top two labels when it comes to buying a dollhouse for your daughter, namely the ‘best selling doll house’ and ‘No.1 doll house’ ranked by majority of parents.

So if your daughter loves Barbie then look no further. You have two choices when it comes to Barbie dolls houses and both of them are on the top of our list. Even if you daughter is too young to comprehend ‘Barbie’, either way, she will grow to love it with time (and you will too, trust me keep reading and you’ll understand why).

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Barbie 3 Story Town House

Both the Barbie Dream House (check price here) and Barbie 3 Story Town House (check price here) are like real life houses and will keep your children and their friends and siblings (and even you) entertained for hours.

These life-like doll houses have 2 cool moving elevators plus a flat screen TV that actually changes channels and also real-life lights and sounds that can boost the fun (even a real life flushing toilet and a blender in the kitchen that actually makes the sound of a blender) – do we need to say anymore?! (View More Cool Features Here!)

They are also equipped and sold with everything (and we mean every-thing). Literally, all you need to add is the dolls. It comes complete with – towels, blankets and pillows, blow dryer, hangers, Barbie doll furniture pieces, moving elevators, appliances that light up and make noises, a small pet animal with a bed of it’s own, a vanity, couch, vanity.

The name of this toy says it all; it is the “dream” Barbie doll house every little girl asks for! It is both the dream of the kid (and the parent) and especially useful as it’s a great dollhouse for two kids to play with. It’s also worth a mention that this Barbie house is plastic and is not a wooden Barbie house.

As parents you can easily assemble and move them from one place to another because it is made of plastic. It’s not an indecisive decision when it comes to finding a toy doll house for your little girls.

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2. KidKraft Majestic Mansion Dollhouse

Kidkraft’s No.1 Selling DollHouse – Majestic Mansion

Are you looking for a the best wooden doll house for a toddler girl? Then your search is over! This mansion like KidKraft Majestic Mansion dollhouse (view here) is the perfect toddler dollhouse that comes with all the wooden doll house furniture and accessories and valued at under $130 (get latest price).

The huge size of this wooden dollhouse is just right for 12” dolls and this Kidkraft Majestic dollhouse is also compatible with any doll family. Kids can enjoy their playtime with the spacious dollhouse with 8 rooms, elevator and fully accessorized package.

Apart from being the highest quality dollhouse made out of wood (see all product specs here), the ‘Majestic Dollhouse’ is the best dollhouse by Kidkraft, rated highly by all parents, versatile, made with quality and perfect for all doll house games and for any dolls house furniture.

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3. KidKraft Savannah Dollhouse

Excellent for both girls and boys to play with.

Looking for the one of the best dollhouses for 3 years old and above that is dollhouse that is more suitable for both girls and boys to play with?

The Savannah Dollhouse (available here), has more of a neutral color scheme and design, making this Kidkraft dollhouse also great for boys. So if you have a boy that like to join in with your daughter and play games together, then the Savannah Dollhouse might be just right.

Its size is perfect for kids for all ages and it comes with well crafted and top quality Kidkraft dollhouse furniture. In spite of it being considered a big dollhouse, it is very easy to assemble and it won’t even take an hour to assemble. Another great value and high quality Kidcraft dollhouse at under $140 (get latest price).

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4. KidKraft Beachfront Mansion Doll House


This Kidkraft Mansion Dollhouse is undoubtedly one of our favorites!

We personally love this beach summer feel to this Beachfront Mansion Doll’s House by Kidkraft (check price here). It’s has a light and cool feel to it, it is decorated with super modern and funky furniture, and has a completely summer feel to it with two outdoor balconies, outdoor staircase and palm trees.

The KidKraft Beachfront Mansion doll house is one of the top 10 toys for toddlers for this reason as it’s unlike any other dollhouse on the market. This wood doll house has realistic details that look like a real-life mansion that can boost the enjoyment in playing for those girls that like the seaside mansion summer feel.

The KidKraft doll house kit (view all inclusions here) includes the dollhouse and 14 pieces of furniture which is a mixture of a plastic and wooden dolly house that stands at over 49 inches tall, and is currently one of the top big doll houses purchased by many moms and dads as a present for their kids because of its outstanding quality and affordable price, many also purchase this cute doll house as a gift for children and relatives.

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5. KidKraft Chelsea Doll House Cottage


A dollhouse with more of a cottage/country theme to it.

By now you would have noticed that the Kidkraft brand have it covered when it comes to doll houses, they are one of the best that make doll houses (along with Barbie of course) but Kidkraft seem to have a ton of variety to suit different themes and tastes. With this Kidkraft Chealsea Doll Cottage (available here), is a wooden Kidkraft doll house that has has more of a cottage feel which is unlike the others.

The KidKraft Chelsea doll (check price here) with furniture is another doll house considered to be one of the best wooden children’s toys on the market right now. This is the wooden doll house that has only the right size (it’s not a huge doll house) every little girl and mom has been looking for.

This wooden doll’s house also has little characters that are super cute and fancy! It’s worth a mention that this is a more miniature doll house compared to the others on this list, whereby you will be looking at purchasing miniature dollhouse furniture and dollhouse miniature dolls – roughly 4 inch dolls or maximum 5 inch dolls fit inside this dollhouse. It’s a perfect little doll house if you are short on space or want a doll house to fit inside the child’s room.

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6. Melissa & Doug Classic Heirloom Victorian Doll House


An affordable option if you are tight on budget

Searching for a cheap doll’s house for your precious little one? Here’s a Victorian doll house (check price here) from Melissa & Doug that has a lower price compared to the other brands – why not buy it as a present for another toddler?

It’s sturdy and a very easy to assemble doll house that can last and entertain girls for many years. It is a pink doll’s house that is a perfect little girl toy as a gift or present if you already know that the child already has plenty of furniture and accessories already. You can give it as a birthday present or for any occasion, hence why it’s considered as a good priced gift!

It’s worth a note that due to the cheaper price (get price here), this doll house does not come with any furniture or dollhouse people or doll house accessories, they are sold separately, hence if your child already has plenty of doll furniture and accessories they is a great buy for the complete doll house play.

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7. KidKraft Designer Dollhouse

Another outstanding dollhouse from the Kidkraft brand.

The Kidkraft Designer Dollhouse (check price here) is a modern doll house that has fun and adorable features because of its artwork through the dollhouse and it’s matching furniture kit (just look at how the roof is constructed, it looks like architects have designed it).

The doll house is wooden and fit’s any dolls the same size as barbie dolls. It has many windows and has an open plan design with two staircases and a balcony.

Children will surely love the modern dollhouse furniture that covers every corner of this kidkraft dollhouse. It’s so stylish even up to the dollhouse kitchen. This is the best gift for a kid that loves style in everything.

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8. KidKraft So Chic Dollhouse


So Chic dollhouse by Kidkraft is a big dollhouse and can be played from all four sides.

Apart from the groovy name (So Chic), are you looking for the one of best doll house for older girls? Kidkraft built this So Chic Dollhouse (available here) for older kids in mind. It is one of the largest wooden doll’s house for tall kids or aged over 5 years old.

It has the perfect huge size for your kids 5-7 years old and they can even share it and play with others at the same time, in fact many children can play with this doll’s house, hence why it has been very popular recently as you can play with this dollhouse from all sites.

This dollhouse can fit dolls up to 12 inches and comes with 45 pieces of furniture (view here what’s included) so a great value doll house that comes with wooden dolls house furniture. This vintage dollhouse is on top of the list of the best wooden toys for kids. This isn’t made from cheap thin cardboard; it’s made from good quality wood!

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9. Fisher-Price Loving Family Doll House

A good quality fisher price dollhouse that is smaller in size.

If you are a Fisher Price fan than this Fisher Price Doll House may just be the one for you. It’s a small doll house but a goodie as it comes eye-catching dollhouse accessories that can catch you hearts just by first sight! They’ll enjoy dolls house games with this dollhouse.

The Fisher Price Loving Doll House comes all inclusive including all dolls (Mom, Dad, baby girl and baby boy), two booster seats and trays and a table.

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How To Pick The Best Doll House

At first, I thought a doll was the best gift for my little princess, so I decided to give her as many dolls as I could. Even her father and relatives gave her dolls as presents, it really can be the best gift for a girl as they just seem to be delighted every single time they get a new one. But now, after we have bought the dollhouse, we believe the dollhouse is really the best purchase we have every bought.

When I was looking to by a dollhouse for my daughter, there were literally hundreds. I find it amazing how many different varieties of dollhouses you can find. If you ask your daughter which one, I think she will just point at all, I guess all toys appeal to girls.

Not only was she very excited that she got one, for me, it has put my mind at peace. It has accumulated all of my daughters dolls AND the dolls clothes, shoes, accessories and everything else that comes with having daughters that play dolls into one dollhouse, close the doors and that’s it. Out of sight, out of mind.

So we hope the summary of the best dollhouse for kids in the online market today has helped you out. These are the top rated dollhouses to help you choose and the ones that are also the best selling so you can choose one amongst the best for your child. They are also characterized as the best dollhouse for 2 year old, best dollhouse for 4 year old and best dollhouse for a 5 year old. There is also a dollhouse which is great for older kids such as a 6 and 7 year old. Let’s hope this helps you decide the best doll houses for your princess with the best quality and the best.

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