Parent’s Top Rated: Best Toy Trains Sets for Kids of All Ages

Aside from building sets, one of the best toys you could buy for your kids are train sets. Why? Playing with train toys gets them amused for a couple of hours all the while allowing their physical and imaginative ability come into play.

Like for example, when I was a kid, I would come up with different stories and make train sounds as the train would spin on its tracks. And who would leave out the fun of ‘engineering challenge’ in setting up the track? Even as a parent, I love setting up train tracks (only if my children aren’t winging right beside me)!

Adults are also train freaks deep inside (me included). Remember the joy of seeing a glorious train choo-choo-ing on its tracks?

But hey, fret no more, we know there is literally hundreds to choose from, we are here to help you in picking out the one or just the one to suit your little one just fine.

Toy Train Sets For Kids of All Ages

But really, how do you pick the best train set for your kid? Considerations like the room space, aesthetic appeal, durability of the product, and most importantly, the price of the product shall be weighed first before picking out the toy train set that suits best your needs (and wants!). After all, chances are, once you purchase a train set, you will keep adding another set, extra tracks, trains and accessories to to ‘complete’ the collection.

TIP: Not only are these the most top rated train sets for kids, we have provided the best selling train sets for each aged group including:

  • Best train sets for 2 year olds
  • Best train sets for 3 year olds
  • Best train sets for 4 year olds
  • Best train sets for 5 year old+

Our Advice: Buying a good quality train set is a great investment as buying one that is wooden and good quality lasts a lifetime. We personally only buy wooden train sets for our kids if they are 3 years or older as the train set never gets ruined or goes out of date and the whole family can enjoy in the fun. If you want to buy a train set for a child aged below 2, the plastic ones below are great also.

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Kids Age 2+

Station #1: Fisher-Price GeoTrax Railway

“BEST Train Set for a 2 year old” (Best Selling & Highest Rated Kids Train Set by Parents for 2 year olds)

The GeoTrax Remote Control Timbertown Railway (view latest price here) is made with plastic, and can easily be lined up on the track in the special track area. It also has an ‘easy rail station’ provided in the package for extra fun for kids.

What’s the best feature of this Fisher Price train set? It’s remote control!

And a sweet bonus? This train toy has great accessories and sound effects that definitely adds to your kid’s imaginative play! Choo choo! (buy online here)

Not only it is a perfect toy for young boys but as it has unisex colors, little girls like playing with it also. For both kids alike, they can be the engineers of their own imagination in setting up their train set as it’s not difficult and doesn’t require a parent to get involved.

There is plenty to play with, they can either choose to operate their classic steam engine or the red caboose. But really as it has unisex colors, it is very popular for both girls and boys.

Piloting the train is very engaging with the colorful bends, loops, and slopes of the railway. And yes, the train can be pushed along or moved when child uses the RC controller!

You can also buy extra accessories such as the matching Fisher Price trains and tracks as per the links below.

This kids train set by Fisher-Price is suitable for kids aged 2 and above. You can find more information by clicking the buttons below.

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Station #2: Lionel Little Lines Train Playset

This battery operated train set (available here) is composed of a 49-piece playset and if you are worried about space, don’t be, it will fit perfectly for smaller rooms with a small play space. It boosts a finely-detailed train with a steam engine, tender, gondola, and caboose, enticing imaginative play time for your kid (get latest price here).

All parents know that the brand, Lionel, make the best train sets for kids and this one is a sure winner as the most popular plastic train set for younger kids around 2 years of age (for older kids, look at the Lionel Polar Express Train Set below).

In addition to the aforementioned, it also has a working freight station with a crane, cargo slide, and two-way cargo dump, plus 3 signs. And probably one of its best features? If the controller is not used for 5 minutes, it has auto-shut off function, so the engine goes into power-off mode to conserve energy. How efficient!

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Station #3: VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels

This VTech train set (available here) combines learning and pretend play with the inclusion of an electronic train station, bridge, tunnel, conveyor belt, hill and much more!

Just look at the box, doesn’t it just look like it is full of fun to keep your children occupied for days on end?!? Colorful and bright, the V-Tech Go Go will surely keep your children entertained for hours at a very reasonable price (get latest price here).

Not only it is cute to look at but it has it all included! 32 interchangeable track pieces for 15 feet of play. Yep, 15 feet of play indeed.

This means your train (available for purchase here) could go through the railway longer that you would have expected. Also, SmartPoint vehicles respond to 10 SmartPoint locations with fun phrases, music and sound effects. Foreign language is also used in the train stations to greet the children so it is great for any child in any country. Witty, eh?

Again, as this is a plastic toy train set, we recommend this train playset for children around 2 years old. For older children, refer to the wooden train sets featured below.

You can also buy the complete matching trains, tracks and extra accessories from Vtech as per the links below.

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Kids Age 3+

Station #4: KidKraft Waterfall Mountain Train Set and Table

This is one of the best wooden train sets (with play table) for kids and it is also one of the highest rated and hottest selling (get latest price here).

It is a MUST buy if you want a quality wooden and complete train set that comes with a play table for older children to play with. It comes with 120 durable play pieces, making this brightly colored train set ideal for creativity and imaginative play (I mean, what more than 120 pieces would a kid want?) (You can buy it here)

I would go crazy for this one if I was a kid. Imagine, it comes with a wooden train set table! This is like getting your own foosball table!

Undeniably sturdy, it has three durable red plastic bins that slide under the table for effortless storage. Aside from that, it has special T-molded edges to prevent chipping, and 1 1/2” lip to keep toys on the play table!

This train set is perfect for 3 year old kids and up.

If your budget allows, this is definitely a must buy!

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Station #5: Thomas And Friends Wooden Railway

This wooden train set by Thomas and Friends is suitable for a room with a small space as it is a very simple train set (get latest price here).

This Thomas and Friends train set features one of the favorite characters of the little ones out there: Thomas and Friends! It features Thomas the Tank Engine with the matching Thomas Wooden Railway.

You could purchase this wooden train track to start off your set, or maybe add up to your existing collection! Either way, it works with all Thomas Wooden Railway items, which are undoubtedly high quality, having been producing track and cars since time immemorial (see below for the matching parts).

This is another highly popular choice for both parents and kids alike but one word of advice – you will probably neeThomas Railwayd to buy the additional accessories as it’s only a simple train set. One advantage – it’s great for traveling! (view it online here)

Hence, why we have included it here because of it’s simplicity and also a great option as a present for friends or family.

If you want an extensive wooden play train set for kids, look at either the Kidkraft above (#4) or the Melissa & Doug below (#6).

A great train set if you want a small train set for kids aged 3-5.

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Station #6: Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Railway Set

This amazing wood train set (literally a set with over 30 accessories and 100 tracks, supports and sections!!!) by Melissa & Doug will surely be loved by your little one. Another highly rated and very popular train set for kids (alongside the Kidkraft train set) (Available for purchase here)

Of all the accessories, it also includes a freight train, passenger train, and suspension bridge—the perfect recipe for a one hell of a ride (view more information)

This train set will keep your child entertained for hours as they can choose 4 different track configurations and with easy to follow instructions, it won’t take too much time at all to get playing in no time.

Melissa Doug Railway PartsMade with reliable craftsmanship, this train toy features old-fashioned, energy-free fun for it has no electrical parts. Perfect for a physical play time with your kid.

Don’t forget to match the train set with more wooden accessories including buildings, bridges, extra tracks and people from Melissa & Doug.

A very popular train set suitable for kids aged 3 and up.

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Kids Age 4+

Station #7: Lionel Polar Express Train Set

Lionel PolarPolar Express G-Gauge Train Set reminds us of the olden days of steam engines (and sounds) from Lionel Trains (get latest price here). This Lionel train set definitely steps up the game for the electric train sets for kids!

Everyone has heard of the Lionel Polar Express Trains. They are the highest selling train sets for older kids (aged 4 and up). If you want the best, Lionel has the best for your child (available here)

Based on the Caldecott Award-winning book “The Polar Express”, this highly detailed train set provides a real-life experience of the retro days!

Definitely one of my favorites, this kids train set could also work perfectly well with your holiday displays. Lionel’s O Gauge trains are easy to assemble and off an interactive way to set up different train adventures.

Interested in other Lionel Toy Trains – look here. We have just selected this train as it is the best selling from Lionel trains for young kids, don’t worry, there is plenty to choose from!

This train set is suitable for children ages 4 and above.

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Station #8: Step2 Deluxe Canyon Road Train & Track Table

As you can see, this Step2 train set includes a both the train set and play table (get latest price here)

As for its longevity, this table is sturdy, for its durable poly construction lasts for years. You can easily clean it with a simple wipe of a wet cloth and yes, it is scratch-resistant!

This extra-large table has built-in, multi-level track that provides hours of imaginative and interactive play (available here)

The molded-in track and seven bridges provide immediate play value for children and convenience for adults too!

The table height allows children to both sit or stand and play comfortably. Also the horizontal design makes reaching to center easy for younger ages.

This works great for die-cast Chuggington and Thomas, Hot-Wheels/Matchbox cars too!

Suitable for kids aged 3 and older.

Worth the investment? Definitely! (Get the Latest Price Here)

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Kids Age 5+

Station #9: LEGO City Trains

This toy train set by LEGO lets you travel around the city with its motorized LEGO City High-speed Passenger Train!

Definitely stimulative, it operates at top speed. Plus, who doesn’t love lego? (Get the Latest Price here)

This super-efficient train has a high-speed front profile. You know what’s more exciting? You can lift off the roof of the front car to place the driver inside and open the passenger cars to access the seats and tables. It definitely makes the play time interactive, thanks to this feature.

All in all the package includes 3 mini-figures: train driver, traveler and a cyclist

It is recommended for kids aged 6 and above.

Don’t forget to complete the set with matching LEGO trains, extra tracks and accessories.

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  • Mrs J

    I bought the Kidkraft one above, the one with the playtable, I felt like I spoil him at the time but I honestly could not have made a better purchase. For any parents out there wanting to know which one to go for, if you don’t mind spending the money it really is prob one of the best things I’ve bought for my child.

  • Sara Peterell

    I did for my son aswell (absolutely loves it also, best present ever!). Now I’m looking at buying another one now for a present for my nephew which I’m thinking the Melissa & Doug one.

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      hi, how old your kids, mine ones 4 and 6. trying to find some nice train set for them before Christmas. Tried Santa Fe, had to return.

      • Admin

        Hi Ari, we’ll depends on your kids needs, wants and maturity levels, I am assuming you want 1 train set for them both your 4 and 6 year old to share? In my opinion, you would want to something that grows with them so you don’t have to buy another train set when the older one starts maturing. Preference would be the Lego one, you can’t go wrong with Lego. Other than that, the Melissa & Doug (#6) is excellent value, wooden and big enough for 2 to play with comfortably.

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    I’ve been following your blog all year for the awesome ideas for kids that you have. Back again just in time for xmas, thanks for making it easy for me…

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    For anyone looking for a quality wooden train set, I bought the #6 wooden one from reading it on here about 2 months ago now, guaranteed winner for my kids.