Parent’s Top Rated: Chalkboards and Activity Easels for Kids

Art is Cool and Fun with Easels and Chalkboards for Kids!

We are all artists from within. Back in our childhood days, we all have enjoyed and admired creating art and looking at art. We had so much fun, even though not all of us didn’t end up being professional artists but hey, at least we had fun!

Now that we are parents, I believe we would also like to show our children how crafting art and letting our imaginations run free, as well as expressing ourselves through the medium of art is not only educational but very fun as well! Plus, you get too make things no one else could. Seriously, that in itself is cool enough.

What we have here today is a collection of the finest easel and chalkboards for kids. Find the best one for you and your child and let their imagination run wild.

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1. Melissa & Doug Deluxe Standing Easel

Further nurture the Van Gogh or Picasso on your child and enhance their artistic talent by one of the best kids easel ever featured for children, because why not? The practicality of this Melissa and Doug easel (available here) is undeniable!

It is a two in one easel that features a black board (for chalk) and a white board (for white board markers, easily erasable) and can stand as an easel. Other than those features, it has handy trays and storage for paint. The trays can hold a lot of art materials such as pencils, crayons, markers, chalk of assorted colors and paint brushes while the board clips, which is included with the set and guess what? It has a paper cutter that is really safe to use, made especially for children.

What’s not to like about this product, right? It can be conveniently stored too because you just have to fold it and it will just lie flat so you can lay or just store it anywhere it can fit.

Also, being made mostly of wood, you can be pretty rest assured that it is sturdy enough and very kid friendly.

So, why not give this product a try? Best of all, it is less than sixty bucks! Convenient, practical and affordable!

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US: Melissa & Doug Easel UK: Melissa & Doug Easel
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2. Kidkraft Deluxe Wood Easel

This very contemporary and professional looking childrens easel (available here) might just be the thing your child needs! Featuring a chalk board, a white board, patented anti-spill cups, trays for storage and being made entirely from wood, this easel would surely awaken the artist within your child.

But what I did like best about this product is it a large tray where you can put paper in. It has great storage space for art after it has been used so it can easily be retrieved later.

An excellent space saver and a very traditional yet classy looking easel would be perfect for any play room or bed room for your artistic and playful child.

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US: Kidkraft Deluxe Easel UK: Kidkraft Deluxe Easel
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3. Step2 Easel For Two

So maybe you want a really different easel that don’t have the features of a white board or a chalk board. Maybe you’re not a fan of the messy paints or smearing wax crayons and would rather go for a cleaner, more orderly and alternative way to let your child express their inner, budding artist.

This magnetic easel, the Step 2 easel (available here), is just the easel for you and your child!

This easel for toddlers includes a very useful, two-way tray that you can put anything you need in it, especially paper and lots of art materials.

It is great value for money as it includes a 77-piece magnetic letters and numbers set. It’s a great product for great value!

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US: Step2 Easel UK: Step2 Easel

4. Cra-Z-Art 3 In 1 Artist Easel

This item features really awesome, kid friendly colors, even if it is an easel…a chalk board and a white board easel that is (available here)!

What really caught my eye on this easel is that the legs, tray and body is colored, unlike others that are not. It even has a measuring stick underneath the drawing space itself.

Like many others, it has trays for storage and, as I have mentioned, a chalk board and a white board but I guess I did really like the free 35 feet of paper that goes free with it on purchase.

But, I haven’t been on the best part yet. It’s under $40 (on sale now, see below for special offers). Talk about an amazing value!

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US: Cra-Z-Art 3 In 1 Easel UK: Cra-Z-Art 3 In 1 Easel
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5. Large Deluxe Easel 14000

Just like other easels featured in this review, this easel (available here) features a chalk board and a white board, made from quality wood, a very long roll of paper and 5 super storage containers. Yep, you read that right, folks, all that is included when you buy this one.

If you are really big on space-saving kids’ play things, or just saving space in general or happen to not have a very big living area, this easel is specifically designed for that!

With its large containers which you can fit various materials in, such as toys and art materials, this easel would definitely do that job for all your child’s art and craft bits and pieces.

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US: Large Deluxe Easel UK: Large Deluxe Easel
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6. Crayola Magnetic Double-Sided Easel

From the maker’s of the most popular crayon brand around the world, Crayola brings us a two-sided easel (available here), with a magnetic board and an easel on the other side, that is made mostly put of plastic, unlike the other featured easels in this review that is mostly made out of wood.

Who says easels are just made exclusively from wood? If that was for sure, those who say it haven’t seen how magnificent this crayola art easel really is.

This easel, aside from being sturdy considering it’s made of plastic and looking kid friendly, is very convenient as well as it is easily foldable and requires minimal assembly.

I am very sure that your kid will enjoy letting his artistic spirit on this Crayola easel!

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US: Crayola Easel UK: Crayola Easel
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We have featured a pretty wide array of easels and each with their uniqueness. Have you found the one perfect for you yet? I hope you have and I hoped this review help you on that!

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  • Patty

    Every child needs one of these! Just bought one each for my children.