Parent’s Top Rated: Kids Play Kitchen Sets for Girls & Boys

Gone are the days when kitchens for kids used to cost a fortune, I remember when I was young, I desperately begged my parents every birthday to get me a plastic play kitchen but every year, I failed. They just were too expensive back then. These days, our kids seem to have everything at their fingertips and that including buying a kids play kitchen online, they are actually quite affordable these days (in comparison, I remember they used to be a luxury at around $400 back when I was a kid).

This is the perfect opportunity to give your child a very wonderful gift that he/she can enjoy! Might we just add in that buying play kitchen is not only for girls, young boys love playing chef also so many of the toy kitchen sets we have suggested are perfect for young boys aswell.

You’ll also benefit from these great play sets for toddlers indoor because you can teach your child how to do the simple and basic steps in cooking like sautéing, cutting the ingredients, preparing refreshing drinks and snacks and many other simple kids cooking techniques – you can keep them occupied for hours!

Here are Top 9 Best Kitchen Play Sets for Kids you can choose from. As you will see from the list, Kidkraft Kitchens are one of the leaders in toddler play kitchens however there is a few other great brands such as Little Tikes Kicthens and Step2 Kitchens aswell. Each of the kitchens for kids, might look the same but they all have their little differences that may appeal more or less to your child. If you are looking for a wooden toy kitchen then there is one on the list that is the best kids wooden kitchen on the market right now.

Kids Pretend Play Toy Kitchen Sets

Our Advice: To avoid any tantrums (and tears), remember that play kitchen accessories and utensils such as pots and pans and play food are usually not included. To complete the set (as each play set has a different color scheme/theme), we have included the matching kitchen pots, pans and accessories with each kitchen set to make your life easier and ensure your children aren’t missing out on the fun!

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FOR BOYS: If you are looking for something that has your little boys name written over it, a.k.a a play BBQ for boys, consider these BBQ Play Sets which are perfect for little BBQ’ers! Play BBQ’s are great for boys aswell as for girls too (For UK Shipping, click here)

1. Kidkraft Vintage Kitchen

This Kidkraft Kitchen is the #1 toy kitchen for girls and boys. This toy kitchen comes in many colors, white, red, pink, blue, navy and bubblegum.

The Kidkraft Vintage Kitchen (check price here) is on the top of the list of best children’s play kitchen for both girls and boys (plus see new colors here which are perfect for boys).

It is the best selling and top rated kids toy kitchens by both parents and children! So if you want a toy kitchen and don’t want to waste any more time researching, this one will surely do the trick.

Colors Available: The vintage style kitchen is available in many colors in including White, Red (the Red Retro Kitchen), Bubblegum, Pink, Blue and Navy (we are so loving the new navy color at the moment, so that’s our top pick for the little boy chefs!).

We can’t say a bad thing about this kitchen and not many people can. It is complete with everything, it is one of the only pretend play kitchens that are made from safe, non-toxic composite wood materials.

It is one of the most interactive play toy kitchens to buy as it allows your little chefs and cooks to open and close all doors including the refrigerator and oven, it has a cordless phone (to copy mom cooking and talking of course) and also allows them to turn and click knobs on the stove.

Ensure you buy the matching Kidkraft ‘Vintage’ kitchen accessories to suit this vintage kitchen playset (see below for full range).

If you need a cute, little and interactive kitchen play set, then the ‘Vintage Kitchen’ by Kidkraft is the right toy kitchen for your child. This is perfect for little children because of its kid-friendly size and VERY CUTE design.

If you are busy cooking and you’re afraid your child might interrupt you while doing your chores, worry no more, this popular kitchen play set can help keep your child busy whilst you are busy; your child will be very busy and his or her attention will be focused with this play kitchen’s realistic and interactive features.

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2. KidKraft Uptown Espresso Kitchen

Amoungst other features, one cool feature on this kitchen playset is the pretend ice machine on the refrigerator that kids will love.

Looking for a kitchen play set that can be played by more than one kid or can be played by both girl and boy?

The Kidkraft Uptown Espresso Kitchen (check price here) has a large size which is perfect for 2 kids to play at the same time.

Its design is also not-so-girly so your son can also play with his sister/brother. Like all Kidkraft’s kids’ kitchen play sets, all of its features are realistic and interactive. You can provide your children a life-like toy kitchen with all these moving and real kitchen ware features, all in one pretend play kitchen play set.

This kids play kitchen (view online here) also is made of durable materials and hence comes with a long life span. You can pass this toy kitchen to younger kids, the next generation or to a friend.

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Match it with: Kidkraft Play Food

3. KidKraft Large Kitchen

A beautiful pastel play kitchen with matching pastel kitchen play food, accessories, apron and more

Do you have tall child or an older child and you are in need of a kitchen play set that can suit his/her size and age?

Because of its large size, this Kidkraft Large Kitchen (check price here) is the best play kitchen for 4-5 years old kids. It is also the best pretend play kitchen for kids that are tall as the pastel colors pastel colors suit older children (click here to get the cute matching range of pastel cookware playset, pots and pans).

Of course it is also perfect for sharing! More than 2 kids (with normal height) can play with this Kidkraft play kitchen at the same time.

The more playmates, the merrier the game! Plus with Kidkraft large kitchen’s gadgets and interactive features, the kids will enjoy the pretend play kitchen more!

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Match it: Kidkraft Pastel Cookware

4. Kidkraft Deluxe Let’s Cook Kitchen

This Kidkraft play kitchen is great for both girls and boys. It’s made from quality wood and very sturdy.

This Kidkraft Deluxe Kitchen (check price here) is perfect for creative kids that love to do experiments that make the play kitchen messy while playing!

This wooden Kidkraft kitchen set also has a big size (check dimensions here) that is good for kids with ages 4-8. Even parents can fit in and play with your kid.

This Kidkraft kitchen which is suitable for both boys and girls and is a great option if you are looking for a children’s wooden kitchen and one that has more of neutral colors and tones to it to suit both girls and boys.

Ensure you match the kitchen playset with the same ‘Let’s Cook’ play cookware and toy food range from Kidkraft.

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5. Melissa & Doug Cook’s Wooden Kitchen


Another wooden kitchen playset, this time from Melissa & Doug, a top brand in toys for children.

Tired of the same old plastic kitchen play sets? Are you afraid of the harmful chemicals from plastic toys?

This small wooden play kitchen by Melissa & Doug (get latest price here) for 2-6 year olds, is made of quality wood and is sturdy and easy to handle.

This is one of the most popular kitchen play sets purely because how it is made from wood and manufactured by the popular toy maker Melissa and Doug.

Every interactive parts of this wooden kitchen set helps enhance the child’s imagination and imagination can lead to learning. Your kid can learn while their having fun! Get the matching Melissa & Doug wooden play food and pots and pans to go with then kitchen set also as they are super cute, check them out by clicking the button below.

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6. Little Tikes Super Chef Kitchen

A great play kitchen if you are short on space as it’s smaller than most other playsets.

Forget your space issue problems with the Little Tikes Super Chef Kitchen (click here to check price).

This pretend play kitchen is compact and stylish that can fit to any play area sizes. It is also an affordable role play kitchen as it’s one of the cheapest on the market.

If you are looking for a toy kitchen set for boys, this is another great option or for a present without costing too much (get latest price here).

Despite it’s smaller size, it has plenty of storage space, aswell as a working microwave, turning knobs, including oven knob, a cook top and plenty of kitchen sounds that come along with it.

It’s worth noting, although this play set comes with a few accessories, you may need to purchase additional accessories such as the matching Little Tikes play food and play kitchen pots and pans. You can view all matching accessories by using the links below.

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7. American Plastic Toy Deluxe Custom Kitchen


Not one of our favorites, but great if your on a budget. Also available in different colors for boys aswell.

Looking for an educational toy that you can give to your kid that comes in a low price but has good quality?

The American Plastic Toy Deluxe Custom Kitchen comes in a very low price at under $60 (check price here).

This toy kitchen also has some cool features that your kid will surely enjoy like the realistic sounds and parts. It is also easy to carry and handle because it is made of plastic.

As we have said, we believe it’s not the best of quality as made from cheap plastic but serves it purpose if you want to give as a gift or tight on budget. With just a low price you also get 22 pieces of kitchen accessories when you purchase the kitchen set.

Don’t want it in pink? Grab it in other colors here.

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Match it with: Kitchen Play Food

8. KidKraft Grand Gourmet Kitchen

You can also get a natural wood and silver color instead of this pink theme

Searching for a perfect play kitchen that has two designs, one for boys and one for girls?

Try this Kidkraft Grand Gourmet Corner Kitchen (check price here) that comes in two different designs and colors.

For Girls: it comes in a baby pink color and cute designs for girls (click image to view more)

For Boys: It comes in natural wood, silver and lime green theme here (limited edition – click here to view)

This is the perfect pink play kitchen for kids who love girly things or a boys colored one for boys that like playing chef.

These kitchen play sets come with a few metal kitchen accessories and innovative structure design. You can be sure knowing that the doors and closets won’t get broken even if the kids slam them hard because this toy kitchen is top quality.

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Match it: Kidkraft Play Cookware

9. Step2 LifeStyle Custom Kitchen II


Most popular Step2 kitchen shown here but there is different colors and designs to choose from.

If you want your kids to experience real-life cooking while playing, this Step2 Lifestyle Custom Kitchen II (check price here) is perfect for your kids needs.

This plastic toy kitchen featured in our list is the most popular and best selling play kitchen from Step 2, however there is more styles to choose from (click here to view the full range of Step2).

We personally have ranked this play kitchen last only because we find the color schemes that the kitchens are made from are not appealing for children and parents alike. However, be rest assured this is only our opinion and my parents and children absolutely love the play kitchens by Step2 (click here to read what other parents say).

The Step2 play kitchen is designed based on a real-life kitchen and today’s trendy kitchen interior decorations like its granite-look counter tops and its stainless steel-like oven.

It also has electronic sounds that can boost the fun of pretend kitchen whenever they play. Plus it also has a recycle bin! With this, your child can enhance his/her imagination in creating more pretend dishes.

Check the latest price & whether you qualify for free shipping below

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Pretend Play Kitchen Options

So if you are looking for the perfect gift for your child or something your children of different ages can play with, we have presented some great options, but if you are still undecided – check out the full range of toy kitchens here as you will surely find one (within the hundreds!).

Buying a play kitchen set is a great  idea if you are thinking about what could be the best gift for a 2 year old child and older as they absolutely love them!

So if you are stuck for something to buy, getting a children’s kitchen might just be the answer to your problem. Kids are fond of playing with kitchen tools, kitchenware play sets and mimicking their parents by being little chefs themselves. Buying your children toy kitchens and toy play food does not only enhance their recreation but also helps parents have a totally fun bonding time with their kids with the use of playing cooking games using these kitchen play sets.

The list of top kids’ kitchen sets are examples of educational toys for children 2-6 years old. All of these kitchen sets come with awesome different features that you and your kids will surely love. And the best part is this, most of them are on sale and offer free shipping to most countries/locations so you can snap up an affordable one.

So when it comes to keeping your kids entertained with these kids kitchen sets, you search is well beyond over. We have presented the best selling kids pretend play sets and the most popular kitchen play sets for toddlers to ensure you buy the safest, most durable toy kitchen for your children and the one that will yield the most fun for the whole family!

When it comes to determining the best play kitchen, it’s hard to say and it really is dependent on what you prefer, how much space you have, whether it is for one child or two or whether it’s for girls or boys. There is very many on the market right now, we have just cut down the list to the best brands in toy kitchens and the ones that are best quality, best value and safest for your children.

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