Puppet Play Activities for Kids

Puppet play is like another version of storytelling. But this time your child can see the characters moving. Since you’ve gotten your child’s attention you can now introduce some concepts like songs about numbers, animals and shapes. You can also use them while reading a book. Puppets come in variety of shapes, sizes, etc. You can have people puppets, animal puppets whether wrapped around fingers, pulled over hands and others. It makes learning fun and engaging. Not sure what kind of puppet to find? Here’s a list of puppets that you might want your little ones to play with.

Glove Puppet

Want your hands and fingers working? Then you might want to try a glove puppet. You can either opt to have a puppet wrapped around your finger or pull over by your hand. If you want to introduce many characters to your child, you can have finger puppets. A hand puppet will do, especially if the book doesn’t require many characters. If you have time, you can make use of papers to make your own or your kids’ glove puppets; yes, they can try to wear them too. Glove puppets are best for younger kidsas they don’t have edges that can hurt their fragile skin. To make your own DIY glove puppet, you can find how to do it online. If you don’t have the luxury to do that and purchase one at the mall, you can find variety of glove puppets online.

Rod Puppet

If you don’t want to manipulate the puppet using your fingers or by wearing them in your hands, you can have a rod puppet. Rod puppets can either be manipulated by wood rod or wire rod. This would be great if you want to hide under the table while your kids are watching as you try to move the characters. This is also suitable for a group play and older kids. Invite your nephews or nieces over and let them interact using these rod puppets. Some kids are really shy so using these puppets would help them to build their confidence. Through this activity, they can develop their social skills. The early age they learn how to interact, the better.

Shadow Puppet

Another exciting form of a puppet play is shadow puppet. This is a good activity for kids who like to play in the dark. You can make use of the rod puppets that you have or you can buy or you can also use your hands to make figures like a dog or a rabbit. You can make or buy puppets suited for a shadow play. In order to see the characters’ shadows clearly, you should choose rod puppets that make flat shadows when casted on the screen. The screen could be a white cloth or a wall with no bumps. You can use a flashlight as your light. If your little ones are afraid of the dark, this activity would help them to overcome their fear. Sooner or later they’d be one of the kids who love playing shadow games. Say no to fear of the dark.

Hand and Rod Puppet

A more challenging form of puppet play that children can try is the hand and rod puppet. As the name suggests, you don’t only have to use your hands but you need to move the rods attached to it. Your hand helps your little friend to open its mouth as the rods attached to its hands allow it to animate the arms. Now this needs concentration or coordination of both of your hands. These skills are needed for you not to stop moving your other hand while the other is also working. It’s a good training for your kids if you want them to polish such skills. The good thing is, they just don’t learn from it but they can also have fun while at it.

And there goes your puppet activities that you can enjoy along with your kiddos. They’re simple and not too complicated for your children. So why not gather around and enjoy playing games, reading, singing songs with their new friends.

There are other types of puppet plays such as Marionette, Ventriloquist Figure and others. However, these would be difficult for young children to manipulate. When your child grows with a strong liking of puppet plays then introducing them the other forms of puppet play isn’t a bad idea.

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