Parent’s Top Rated: Wooden Toy Boxes and Toy Chests

Are your kid’s toys scattered in the living room, in the kitchen, in the garage? Are toys everywhere? If your feeling alone don’t worry; 98% of family households have toys everywhere. If you were anything like us a few months back and you were sick and tired of the mess in your house then we think you really need some help from a good ole’ toy box or toy chest.

Whether you get a wooden toy trunk, a custom toy box for your kids or a playroom storage box, these are one, if not the most important thing, you must buy when you have a child (and if you have children you may need to buy multiple toy chests).

Kids have their nature of leaving their toy’s messiness whenever they are done playing with them and really, there is no way to change it, they are kids and that is just what they do. However, buying a toy trunk allows you to start a good habit of getting your children to organize and clean up after themselves as they grow, remember, “practice makes permanent”. Train your kids to be organized with their things; starting with their toys.

Kid’s Wooden Toy Boxes & Toy Chests

One of our most favorite and a popular way to way to store kids toys and books is by a wooden toy storage box. We just think that the wooden toy chests provide a tidy finish to any kids room and because they are made out of wood, it is completely safe and not harmful to your children’s health.

Here are the parent’s pick and top products when it comes to buying the best toy chests and best toy boxes for you and your kids.

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1. KidKraft Austin Toy Box

Available in 8 different colors

Want the most popular toy chest in town? Then the KidKraft Austin toy box is for you! Not only is it the best Kidkraft wooden toy box, it is also the best selling toy box on the market. Its design is just simple but it has many colors you can choose from so if you want a wooden toy box in a color that is not typical (i.e espresso, black, white, natural) but want a pink wooden toy box, you can get the KidKraft Austin toy box in pink wood. However, in saying this, the popular color choices are those of more common colors being White, Natural Wood, Honey, Cherry, Espresso and Vanilla (they even just released a new color – Grey Fog which we actually quite like – check it out).

Even though this No.1 Kidkraft Toy Box has just a simple design, sometimes less is best and simple is just enough. Simple doesn’t mean that quality and functionality are compromised either as it’s the top rated by all parents. The Kidkraft Austin wooden toy box can fit in any room size, the storage area inside the box is spacious and you can also secure the safety of your child’s fingers because it has its safety hinge feature on its lids that protects young fingers from getting pinched, hence this toy chest being one of the safest wooden toy boxes for children. With the colors available, you can use this wooden toy box for both girls and boys or both.

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2. KidKraft Limited Edition Toy Chest


Available in 6 different colors

Having troubles with your handy skills or just don’t have enough time to worry about assembling things and wooden materials? Well, this would have to be one of the easiest toy boxes to assemble. The KidKraft Limited Edition toy chest which is yet another highly popular toy box from the best brand in toyboxes – Kidkraft, so you don’t need to worry about assembling it and the number of tools you need before you assemble it. All of the parts are labelled where they should be placed. You can assemble it alone within just 20-30 minutes with just the help of a screwdriver.

This solid wood toy chest, which is available in 6 colors, is safe from collapsing if you are afraid your children might stand and jump on top it. You can even try to stand on top of it to test its strength (another great option if you are looking for a super safe wooden storage box for some cheeky youngsters!). With the colors available, you can use this as either a girls toy box or a boys toy box, but it’s a limited edition range so be quick before it no longer exists.

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3. Badger Basket Barrel Top Toy Box


Available in 4 colors

Looking for a cheap toy chest but has the top quality materials? The Badger Basket barrel top toy box is one of the most affordable quality wooden toy boxes for children. Besides its affordable price, this wooden storage chest has a very creative treasure chest toy box design, very funky for young boys that like pirates or for a boys pirate themed room or playroom.

With this playful treasure chest design, your kids will surely love using it! You can put any toy with different sizes inside this box with its big space inside. You can even put baby blankets and bedding inside it. Also, it has different security features for your child’s safety. It’s available in 4 colors, the most popular being the white toy chest.

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4. Lipper International Toy Chest


Available in 6 colors

If you need a simple wooden toy chest that has a spacious storage area inside, then the Lipper International toy chest is what you’re looking for. This toy box might be suitable for older children when you don’t want a toy box to have too much of a kiddy feel about it.

From the famous toy manufacturing company Lipper international comes this wooden chest that is perfect for storing stuffed animals, blocks and other toys. With a slight larger size, this wooden toy box for kids will surely fit all of the toys of your kids in a very organized way. It also serves as a bench when you close its safety lids. The oak toy boxes, walnut wooden toy chest and cedar chests are the most popular for this kids toy chest.

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5. KidKraft Raleigh Toy Box


Available in 3 colors

Tired of the same old plain wooden chest box design? In need of something a little more fancy or complete or a toy box with a little more character? We were too, hence two of our mom’s recently purchased the KidKraft Raleigh toy box as upgrades to their current toy boxes to make their children’s room a little more interesting/finished (we so loved the extra quality and trimmings on this toy box).

Yes, another wooden toy box by Kidkraft but this one is a looker!  The ‘Raleigh’ toy box is a large wooden toy box, suitable as both a little girls toys chest and a boys toy chest. The white Rayleigh storage chest is particularly popular from KidKraft in this design but in saying that, each color can fit to any gender and also comes in a few different colors to suit your nursery furniture, toddler or kids room furniture. The Raleigh is also a wooden toy box on wheels that can help you move the box easily. You will never have to worry about carrying or pushing the chest that can damage the floor… or your back. The size of this wooden box is just perfect to make you kids tidy and organized. The Espresso wooden toy box (featured) is another highly popular toy storage chest color to buy.

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6. Fantasy Fields Toy Chests


Available to purchase in over 14 different designs and themes.

Do you want the most creative, cute, lovely wooden toy chest for your child that is more of a custom toy chest? Well these toy chests by Fantasy Fields are available in over 14 designs so your kids can enjoy looking at them even though there purpose is for safe keeping and organizing (plus, they are perfect to match the theme of your child’s room or playroom, or even great as a gift too!) These toys chests are one of the top rated toy chests on sale on the market today because of the cute and fun designs. They are painted toy chests that come in just the right size and weight.

As we mentioned, there are over 14 designs and styles to choose from so these toy boxes are a great option when you are looking for different toy boxes that you can’t ordinary get like red toy chests and a wooden toy box in blue. These toy storage furniture for both girls and boys include safari themed toy box, animal toy chests, cars and planes toy chest, pirate toy chest and treasure toy chest, sports toy box for boys, princess toy chest for girls and farm house toy box for both girls or boys. Plus this is a toy storage box that is made out wood and of recycled materials! You contribute to the environment whenever you purchase one of these.

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7. Princess Toy Box Bench


Beautiful Princess Toy Box for girls only!

Lastly a toy box for girls only. Can you imagine the perfect princess room for you little princess? Are you looking for a toy chest that is perfect for this princess room you’re imagining or have already set up and is lacking a matching toy chest? With the Levels of Discovery Princess toy box bench you can give you little girl the perfect princess toy box that can also be a princess royal bench.

This kid toy box is one of the most popular pink toy chests available as it is so girly, many parents can’t resist. Its design is very pretty with the heart shaped pillow, a mattress and a crown-shaped board. This is a top rated toy chest by all parents of girls, because of its large size, safety features, sturdy and durable features and beautiful stylish design.

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Why a Toy Box?

Having a toy box or toy chest is one way to help your children learn to fix their things and be organized. They will carry this trait until they grow up and it is also good for teaching your child to be responsible.

If you are not that concerned about teaching your children these lessons, kids storage furniture such as a wooden toy box is a necessary piece of furniture to buy in a nursery, kids room or playroom, to clean up and store the toys in an unorganized fashion (by placing the toys in anyhow you like) but in an organized, tidy and out of sight, out of mind way.

Storage boxes and chests also help you prolong the life span your kid’s toy. The toys won’t get broken easily if they are safe inside a box. These toys can be passed to their younger siblings. This will save you money ‘coz you don’t need to buy new toys anymore!

Therefore, we believe, buying a wooden toy box for your baby’s or kids toys is a perfect storage solution that can truly be included in any room of the house. Also if you are still debating whether to go wooden or plastics, consider that wooden materials are better than plastics as they don’t contain harmful chemicals that can affect your children and they are more durable and long lasting.

A wooden storage chest will also be a perfect gift for your kids too or even a great gift for a relative, niece, nephew or friend. It can help you minimize your worries about messy house and it can also help your kids enhance their organization skills and learn how to be responsible. So what are you waiting for? They are really quite reasonable in price and a safe way to storage your kids toys in a room that is predominately occupied by little kids or babies.

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